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“Home Office”


“Sunday Morning” group show

Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey November 11 - December 29, 2018

Curated by Nicole O’Rourke

“In quirky, comic form, Untracht-Oakner waxes prolific through the spacious voice of her blank-slate medium, prompting a neo-minimalist fantasy of readymade coffee table and desk furniture, outdoor facades and well-lined bookshelves, accoutrements of the living room malaise that makes for the familiar setting of a Sunday morning, when everything normal seems slightly out of reach, almost unreal and undeniably made up.” - Daily Sabah 

“NY Rip Off” “non”-music video set

Set design and styling for BOYTOY music video  Shot by Addison Post  Edited by Glenn Van Dyke

Set design and styling for BOYTOY music video

Shot by Addison Post

Edited by Glenn Van Dyke

The Space Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, January 2018

““NY Rip Off” is off of the bands recently released sophomore LP,  Night Life (PaperCup Music/Stolen Body Records/Burger Records, 2018) and features Saara Untracht-Oakner (vocals, guitar), Glenn Michael Van Dyke (vocals, guitar), and Chase Noelle (drums) doing a bunch of weird shit in front of black and white hand painted canvases portraying different NY settings. However, while that is totally cool in and of itself, the audio is what will get you questioning your entire creative existence. What you’re listening to is something along the lines of a remixed version of “NY Rip Off” for art punks.” - She Shreds Magazine


Photos by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Photos by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY November 9 -December 31, 2017

“KITSCHIN” takes viewers inside a hypnagogic kitchen where ‘90s cartoons meets IKEA sensibility. Saara combines the idea of the facade of authenticity, perpetuated and encouraged by the two dimensional representations on social media platforms, and by the lack of substance one can obtain from consuming such nonsense. But sometimes it’s the nonsense and lightheartedness that makes the world fun.

Wood, marker, paint

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